About 50 people killed by heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan for past 3 days

Rains have destroyed about 100 homes and created a break in the flooded main canal, flooding villages in the province of Sindh. Boat troops rushed to the areas of the province on Sunday.
Nearly 50 people have been killed across Pakistan after three days of heavy rains and flash floods.
According to Al Jazeera, quoting Pakistan’s national disaster management authority, 19 people have died in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province while 12 people have died in the Sindh province and 10 people have died in the northern Gilgit Baltistan region in the last three days.
Rains have damaged around 100 homes and caused a breach in a flooded main canal, inundating villages in the Sindh province. Troops with boats rushed to the areas in the province on Sunday.
Heavy rainfall began last week and continued on Sunday flooding the streets of Lahore. Life has also been disrupted in Karachi, the capital of the Sindh province, where most streets are flooded. Heavy rainfall is expected to continue in the next week as well, informed the Meteorological Department.

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