May 29, 2023


Pakistan Dispatch intends to provide reports and insights that are censored, ignored, or silenced by the
mainstream media. It is a collaborative effort on the part of a group of journalists hoping to address, to
the best of their abilities, the absence of media autonomy, and the lack of a publication that upholds
free speech.

The publication hopes to cover news and views that remains in the periphery of the national discourse.
They are broadly categorised as follows.

Power: What’s actually happening atop the state’s power structure
Disaster: The many fast-unfolding humanitarian calamities
Crunch: Stories that ‘follow the money’
Gag: Everything censored in real, virtual and other worlds
Standpoint: Views aspiring to challenge enforced narratives
Underground: Tales of the marginalised

Pakistan Dispatch is founded and edited by journalists based in Pakistan. Its staff members and
contributors range from seasoned writers to new voices breaking through.

Journalists affiliated with Pakistan Dispatch believe that media in Pakistan is stifled by a combination of
state clampdown and self-censorship. And the publication aspires to contribute its bit towards undoing
the latter half.